Brave leader of cowardly people.


Pakistanis today the leader of the Muslim Ummah, Imran Khan, is about to complete two months in jail. Sometimes the jail cell is so small and sometimes the presence of CCTV cameras everywhere, but Imran Khan does not even apologize, nor did he ask his lawyers to not transfer me to Adiala Jail.

One day, Imran Khan was put so much chillies in the curry that it was difficult to eat, but Imran Khan put water in the curry and dipped the bread in the curry and started eating. got embarrassed

Remember here that every day a new joke is released, every day a new spectacle is created to divert the attention of the people from Imran Khan to other things, but the leader of all of you, Imran Khan, is not in prison for himself. Rather, it is enduring for you and your future generations.

What is Imran Khan missing? For Imran Khan, the kingly life is still waiting for him, where his two sons in Britain say every day, “Baba, leave everything, come to us, but Imran Khan says that not except the children of Pakistanis.” Come, I am fighting for his future. I request you all to raise your voice on every platform for the release of Imran Khan and don’t let Imran Khan disappear from your sight, always demand his release.

I pray that the difficulties faced by Imran Khan will be less and may Allah give him the courage to bear the hardships of the prison and he will be released soon.

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