Now the journey will be in the wind.

The first floating monorail train in China has been introduced, which does not require humans to operate.

Introduced in Wuhan, China, the first phase of the train has been opened to the public.

All the operation of this train like running, stopping at stations or opening doors etc. is fully automatic and does not require humans. In the initial phase, 220 people on this train will travel on this train for a distance of more than 10 km. will be able to

This train will travel under the magnetic system, that is, the train is suspended in the air on the magnetic field of the track. Powerful magnets have been used for the track, which makes the train feel like it is floating in the air.

Optics Valley Track Company is running the train, the company says that the train is suspended on a single line and the people traveling on it will get rid of the problem like traffic jam and the passengers will have a unique view of Wuhan city.

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