A journey from CSS to death.

Bilal Pasha was born in a backward area of South Punjab, where his father was a daily wage labourer. Due to financial conditions not being good, the backwardness of South Punjab in the primary pass from the school established in the mosque is obvious to everyone, so Bilal Pasha also started studying ABC from the sixth grade.

Emerson college from Intermediate from Multan and Bachelor of Agriculture from University of Faisalabad. No one had any illusions that a child who completed five classes from the mosque will pass the competitive exam tomorrow and become a CSP.

Bilal Pasha started his career with a private job but joined the government service on his father’s request and was recruited as a sub-inspector in the police. succeeded in doing.

Instead of hiding his background, Bilal Pasha gave an interview standing alongside his white-bearded laborer father and lit a candle of hope among the youth of Pakistan who used to attribute passing CSS only to the elite class. People are began to embark on this journey with dreams of CSS in their eyes.

But what a great sentence Irfan Khan had said that when we come to our days, death drips in the middle. Bilal Pasha’s life had just begun and death took over. The reason for Bilal’s death was only one. Deeply depression He used to tell whoever he talked to that he would either quit his job or commit suicide.

Two things are clear from the death of Bilal, one is depression, a deadly disease, it also affects the billionaire son of the billionaire father, Tariq Jameel, and it does not leave the officer son of a laborer father, Bilal Pasha. It should not be a Pyrrhic Victory for us. Napoleon Bonaparte of France went forward with his 600,000 troops to defeat Russia. He won the war, but due to the cold weather, he returned with only 10,000 soldiers. By then Paris had also been besieged, if Bilal had been on the normal job of the 17th scale, he would probably never have suffered this Pyrrhic Victory.

Someone has said well, “What will you do if you find what you are longing for?” Or as Charles Bukowski said, “Find the one you love so he can kill you.” Bilal was also killed by CSS, so CSS is not something to lose one’s life for every year. 17 percent of bureaucrats resign saying their blue light and green number plate as Allah Hafiz Bilal also used to say the same.

The night of death is very heavy for Bilal’s rainy father, he must have buried the body like gold of his empty liver with his helpless hands, surely the night is very long, very difficult, there are screams everywhere, but Bilal’s dead body was stopped. Has anyone stopped going?

Now it will be night, but it will not dawn when the sun rises in the morning, then his rainy father will reach the courtyard of the same mosque from where Bilal started his life, but this time he is available. It will not happen this time, only moaning will be heard from the door wall of the mosque, horror will be seen, but Bilal will not be seen anywhere. Will not return.
Allah Hafiz Bilal.


           27 November 2023)
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