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Alarming Situation

Muhammad sarfraz Malik

We are all worried that the society is deteriorating. Moral values are dying. The sense of landlordism is gone. Everyone has become lazy and luxurious. Meaningfulness, honesty, self-accountability, discipline and truthfulness. It has become old or it has become just an adornment of books. Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, immorality, unrest and looting are rampant everywhere. Has made

Such and such a man is living in a bungalow as a mediocre clerk. Now the situation is such that it has become a fashion to talk about the depravity of the society. No one recognizes himself. If everyone throws mud at the society, then who will reform this society?
What Messiah is waiting?
My heart believes that in this society there is neither a villain nor a mean-spirited person nor a recluse but …

Mosque was built by the people of Iman during the night

I am my old sinner. Am not been able to become a worshiper in years

In fact, our own mind is a sinner that has become so darkened by popcorn that it no longer sees itself. That is why I, Sarfraz Malik, say, “Everyone knows that oppression increases oppression, but Yet everyone wrongs another person. “
Now all of you friends must be understanding where the oppression is taking place. So come and hear from me where the injustice is happening.
Water in milk
Shera in honey
Ghee in mobile oil, chemicals, bones of forbidden animals
Color in turmeric
Brick sack in red peppers
Papaya seeds in pepper
A wooden sack in a tea leaf
Sweet (screen) injections into fruit
Water injections into meat
Forbidden meat in shawarma
Donkey meat instead of buffalo in hotels
Forbidden hens in wedding halls
Tap water in mineral water
Fake mobiles in the mobile market
Real seals on every fake thing
December Doctors and medicines
Inactive Maulvi in the mosque, Dabbe Pir
Earned Naat reciters and readers
Dirty in mobile
Weight loss, selfishness, deception
Hypocrisy and intercession in faith
Theft on power lines
Daily riots with neighbors
Rudeness with teachers
Mosques deserted
Cinema house settled
Teacher without knowledge
Hypocrisy in worship
Isn’t this all cruelty? Of all these things, what is it that we have left behind? Our country, Pakistan, is over 70 years old today, but we have not improved. Let’s put these 70 years aside for a minute. Our religion, Islam, is over 1440 years old today. Is that what we are taught? If the answer is no, then please hold me accountable, me and all of you.

The fact is that we are like grazing cattle that know only tons and tons of tuli. We have no purpose in life. We have no right to harm the rulers, we complain about our fate. There is no right to do, no right to rain, no right to earthquake, no right to wind, no right to flood, no right to pray, no right to pray. ۔
If we do not live our lives on the path of God and this beloved, beloved and last messenger of God, Hazrat Muhammad, the last of the Prophets, then we can never improve.

We long for the creation of a pure and beautiful society, but practically nothing. This universe is such a center of color and light that many famous personalities came here and left after showing their miracles.
But some of them are well remembered and some are cursed. For this reason, Allah (swt) has said that …
Allah is the Friend of the believers, He brings them out of darkness into light, and the disbelievers have the friendship of Satan, who leads them from light to darkness.

For the purpose of preaching, our Master and Master, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) announced that:

O people! If I say to you that an army is attacking you from behind the mountain, will you believe me?
All said, We have found you sincere and trustworthy since childhood.

This means that he was also known as honest and trustworthy even in the time of ignorance
We are surprised that even though we know one fact, it is a dark thing under the lamp
We are yearning for others even though we ourselves are in need of reform. Not everyone is thinking in their own way that there should be reform but for others.

They will break the mirrors of their homes

Character space if characters appear

We need to correct ourselves. We see the flaws of others, but is our own character ideal? I would say that we are the ones who will deteriorate.
Let us straighten ourselves. Society will be straightened automatically. I would like to end my writing on this poem of the poet of the East, Hakim-ul-Ummah, Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal:

Raise yourself so high that before every destiny

Ask God Himself to tell you what is your pleasure.

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