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June 6, 2021 was a day of happiness and pride for the Pakistani nation.

Environment Day

On June 6, the UN Climate Change Day was celebrated and the honor of hosting it came to Pakistan thanks to the tireless efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan. What a place of great joy and pride!

It is the national duty of all of us to plant as many trees as possible in our own areas and surroundings and to protect the trees and plants.

And make the streets in your area clean and green because it depends on the future of our generations.

Maximum production of trees and plants will eliminate environmental pollution from the country. Rising temperatures will be lower. The atmosphere will be clear, transparent and fragrant.
Water scarcity will also end and diseases will soon disappear.

Cleanliness is half the battle anyway. May Allah bless the homeland of Pakistan with the same good name and honor. Amen

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