The secret to a successful marriage.

An Arab young man was about to get married, he went to an elder of the family whose marriage was considered to be the most successful, to ask him the secret of a successful marriage.
The elder told the young man the secret of a successful marriage that we have divided the powers from the beginning.

In small matters, Begum’s rule is taken and my opinion on big issues is considered reliable.

Uncle I do not understand anything?

It means the arrangement of the house, the order of the things, the color of the flowers in the garden, what will she wear, what will I wear, what will the children wear, when and where to eat outside the house, where will my salary be spent, with whom to take care of, which neighbor? Begum makes all the decisions, when and where to go, even what to watch on television.

Uncle then your opinion?

My opinion on big issues like US-China relations, the last world war, the effects of petrol being expensive on the world, climate change, Russia-Ukraine war, etc. is considered reliable.

I am only authorized to give opinion on such issues.
This is the secret of a successful marriage.