The actual price is below 200 rupees per dollar.

Federal Minister for Finance Senator Ishaq Dar said in a media talk in Islamabad that today, negotiations were held with the exporters and the export industry was given electricity at 9 cents for two months, due to which the exporters increased their exports at a rate of more than 12 percent.

Pakistan urgently needs to increase exports, it is time to work, we have to work together for economic development, the government will provide electricity to exporters at the rate of 19 rupees 99 paise per unit everything cannot be fixed within 10 days, we will arrange everything. are doing

He said that nothing was done to bring the dollar down. The system started correcting itself. As I returned the market started its work. I am not doing anything. I am just watching TV and giving congratulations. Things are happening automatically. The price is below 200 rupees. Due to the decrease in the value of the dollar, there was a decrease in the country’s debts by 2600 billion rupees.

My salary till date goes to some hospital or charity organization I have not received a single penny No need to take IMF into confidence on this package This package has financial capacity I have created capacity IMF Will leave on Monday for meetings with imf.

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