Pakistani people are my strength Imran Khan.

In a special interview, former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Tosha Khana and Election Commission are childish cases, compare me with all the rulers who was acting honestly.

Shehbaz Gul is being told that two statements against Imran Khan were exposed and killed. It is shameful. Every question is asked by hitting Shahbaz Gul. It is asked what Imran Khan eats. Scaring.

He said that democratic people always go to the public, democratic people do not go abroad, they go to the public, the money of the previous rulers is kept outside, the people of Pakistan are my power.

Toshakhana and the Election Commission are childish cases, the Election Commissioner is a coward. I have never seen such an election commission in history as he has openly opposed us.

Imran Khan said that they have made a plan against me, I have recorded the video, if anything happens to me, it will be turned on, my life is in danger, the constitution of Pakistan gives me the right to protest peacefully, thieves in Pakistan.

The gang imposed on us inflation was not their priority to finish the case we kept Donald Lowe’s cipher in Parliament sent to the Chief Justice we didn’t hide anything from anyone there could be another long march.

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