Development work and objectives of Nawaz Sharif era.

Nawaz Sharif’s visible works of Motorways, Metro, Orange Train, Furnace Oil, Diesel, Soy Gas and Imported Coal-fired Power Generation Projects seem very useful, but actually these projects have destroyed the economy of Pakistan and the real freedom of Pakistan. It has happened that in developing Pakistan, especially the motorways were built ahead of time.

In the same way that a house builder installs tiles on the floor of the house before putting the roof on it, then by approving their cost four to five times more than the actual cost, he owes Pakistan much more than his capacity, just for his kickback and commission dollars. In greed and that too to provide more facilities and benefits to the small elite of the country.

Just think that less than ten percent of the country’s population is benefiting from the highways, on which only expensive cars, landcruise air-conditioned buses and elite vehicles can run. It is not even possible to think of driving vehicles etc. on these roads, then by installing fences around these highways, the populations on both sides have been cut off from which the people living on the sides of these roads can come closer. Instead, they have become more distant, in addition to this, the expensive cars running on these roads and full of waste are becoming victims of the poor feeling of deprivation of the majority of the population, then the burden of the dollars spent on these motorways is on the economy of Pakistan. While their multiple profits went to foreign construction companies and Sharifs, what did the ninety percent of the people of Pakistan get?

Apart from this, the routes of these motorways have been deliberately made longer instead of shorter and shorter than the old routes and roads only for the lure of more kickbacks and to give them more benefits from the lands of their loved ones and party leaders on these routes, for example from Lahore. Islamabad’s motorway is about a hundred kilometers longer than the GT Road, whereas in principle it should have been shorter than the GT Road.

Just imagine that its cost is about seventeen crores of rupees per kilometer. A hundred kilometers more means seventeen hundred crore rupees more. What would have happened if he had not taken a loan and sat in the furnace of Pakistan’s economy?

If, instead of motorways, national highways were built on routes with separate tracks for slow-speed vehicles, keeping their costs and local resources and needs in front, then the cost would be four to five times less and the surrounding communities would also benefit from them. If the cost estimates were done with honesty and patriotism, imagine that instead of 1,000 miles of motorways, 8, 10,000 miles of national highways would have been built, and Pakistan would not have incurred debts and millions of rich and poor. Taking advantage, the commission would be in rupees instead of dollars and would get less, which was harmful for the Sharifs.

Similarly, despite the presence of Thar coal in the country since 1993 for more than two hundred years, in 2014, in 2014, the country’s densely populated and fertile Sahiwal area was given a kickback to its younger brother with imported coal of ten times higher price. In the eyes of the ignorant, a power plant was set up to make a number, on which electricity is being generated at the rate of 35 rupees per unit, and electricity is being applied to the nation, thousands of acres of fertile land and the health of millions of people in the surrounding area Commodities are being affected separately, while according to the official announcement three days ago, the electricity generated from Tharcoal is being generated at the rate of Rs. reaches the corner.

The only disadvantage was that if the power plant was built in Thar, the brother would not get kickback, nor would the then Minister of Railways, Saad Rafiq, get the rent and commission for bringing the imported coal from the port of Karachi to Sahiwal. Even though there was a PML-N government at the center as well.

If the PML-N government wanted, it would have set up a factory with the same capacity as Sahiwal in Thar with the support of Sindh government. What was wrong with taking it?

                             Akhr Afzal Bella
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