Modern Teacher

man and woman sitting on chairs


Making any classroom a successful classroom requires the support of the following people: kindness, love, hard work and sincerity in their work.

  1. The first teacher
  2. Second the school administration
  3. Third: Students

Our present day education system is standing on the verge of destruction, ninety percent of the teachers are not sincere to their profession, but ten percent of the teachers are working tirelessly.

Creating a positive system is to shine a light in the darkness of ignorance. In today’s age, children are not taught with their heart. They go to school to earn money. After all, what can they do now? This is what we expect from them in the era of inflation.

Just as the spine is important in the human body, a teacher is important in society. What is a teacher? Everyone will know the answer to this question, but someone will do justice to this position. Teacher has the status of a spiritual father.

Without a teacher, no student can learn any work or knowledge. Hazrat Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, has said that you have three fathers in this world, one who brought you into existence from nothingness, one who gave you his daughter, and the third. The one who taught you knowledge Hazrat Ali said that the person who taught you even a single word is your teacher.

Parents bring their children into existence from nothingness, but when they send the child to school, it is the teacher who holds the pen in his hand and teaches him to hold the pen first.

Ameerul Momineen, Caliph of the Muslims, Hazrat Umar Farooq, may Allah be pleased with him, was asked whether he had any regrets in his heart despite being the caliph of such a large kingdom and he said I wish I was a teacher The teacher is the pillar of the society on which the edifice of the society stands and if this pillar starts to weaken, then the society starts to crumble.

Undoubtedly the teacher is a personality who tells a child who he is and what he is. ? Where did it come from? Where does he have to go? What is the purpose of his coming to this world? Who is its real owner, to whom is it bound to be enslaved, to whom does it have to bow its head and to whom does it have to be tunnelled?

Poet Mashriq Allama Iqbal says that the teacher is actually the guardian of the nation because it is entrusted to them to groom the future generations and make them capable of serving the country. The highest level of labor and the most valuable of all labors is the labor of the country’s teachers.

The duty of a teacher is more difficult and important than all duties because the key to all kinds of moral, cultural and religious virtues is in his hands and all kinds of development is his hard work.