The technocrat government cannot handle anything in the country.

Pakistan will have to undergo a major surgery where it has reached, new elections will bring political and economic stability to the country.

In an interview given to GNN, he said that I had told earlier that there is a conspiracy to kill me under the guise of religious extremism, but being a former prime minister, I have not filed an EIR of assassination on me. could do

We are not the only ones protected in our country’s justice system, what kind of law of the jungle is this?

Today, it is in front of the entire public that where Pakistan stood in April and what economic collapse and bankruptcy it has reached today, inflation in this country has broken its 50-year record.

Even from outside the country, no one trusts this government anymore. The economy is going towards destruction day by day. The solution is not a technocrat government, but transparent and transparent elections as soon as possible.

The former Prime Minister said that one General Bajwa was before the extension and one was after it. One thing was said by General Bajwa and one was happening on the ground.

I received a regular message from him for extension but now when I look back I realize that giving extension to General Bajwa was the biggest mistake.

After the extension, General Bajwa did not allow accountability, General Bajwa started saying to fix the economy and forget accountability.

When the extension took place, they reached an agreement with the PML-N after the vote was passed in the assembly, then they withdrew from all their cases.

The plan to remove me and bring Shahbaz Sharif was made last summer. When Shah Zain Bugti went, it was clear that the plan was made. He explained to General Bajwa that if the government is overthrown, nobody will be able to handle this economy.

We have come out of this economic quagmire through hard work and difficult decisions, but no one understood them.

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