Online air taxi service will be launched for the first time in Karachi, Pakistan from June 18.

white passenger plane in mid air during daytime

For the first time in Pakistan, the online air taxi service will start from June 18th, through the air taxi service, it will be possible to travel to remote areas on an emergency basis.

The service will also be available for the private airports of Rahim Yar Khan and Balochistan along with the nine airports of the country.

Skywings Aviation is introducing the world’s unique service in Pakistan. COO of Skywings Aviation Imran Aslam Khan said that the agreement was signed for DA 40 Diamond series model aircraft, the single engine aircraft has a capacity of 4 passengers at a time. Is.

Imran Aslam Khan had said that the service will be provided from Karachi to rural Sindh through aerial tour, and the service will be available to the remote areas of Balochistan.

He had said that the app will be introduced for the service of the aircraft, the journey to Gwadar will take 3 hours while Nawab Shah will be able to reach in 1.5 hours.

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