Which ghee is healthy for cooking?

jar of butter with spoon

The best fat for the human body is desi ghee, which modern research has tried but could not prove that it is bad, but now the fat that comes with meat is also the best for humans if used in moderation. Three fats, which are essential for the heart muscle, are best found in fish, meat, and most ghee.

Make meat, beef, mutton, fat, ghee and eggs, including yolks, an essential part of your diet.

The oils extracted from the seeds are prone to inflammation in the body which eliminates desi ghee.

In today’s era, our physical exertion has been reduced, so its quantity should be kept to a minimum.

If pure desi ghee is not available, coconut oil, pure canola oil extracted from the seeds itself, is the best substitute. Canola is also a type of mustard in which uric acid is extremely low, which is very much found in ordinary mustard. Continuous use of ordinary mustard weakens the heart muscle.

No branded oil in the market is pure but it contains soap making palm oil which is harmful for our health.