National Security Committee acknowledges latter was real former PM Imran Khan.

Ex PM Imran Khan has said that the NSC confirmed that the letter was correct and that the conversation with the Pakistani ambassador was factual.

Imran Khan said that the language used by the Biden administration in the letter was arrogant and the Prime Minister of the country was threatened.

Chairman PTI said that what I said about the letter proved to be true.The departure after of our government chaos has spread in the country and the economy is going down.

IK said that NSC has confirmed that there has been external interference. A man sitting in London conspired with Shahbaz Sharif and Zardari.

Meeting of the PTI Political Committee was held in which the issues related to the meeting of the National Security Committee were reviewed.

Sources said that the new statement of the National Security Committee confirmed the position of PTI and also confirmed the intervention in Pakistan.

Ik said that the nation will never accept American slavery.

Also Meeting discussed the alleged bias of the Chief Election Commissioner.

Ik directed to make full preparations for the power show in Islamabad.