Governor Punjab recommends annulment of Chief Minister’s election.

Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema had sent a six-page report on the concerns of the Chief Minister regarding the election to the President which he has already received.

According to media sources Punjab Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema in the report pointed out the constitutional violations in the election of the Chief Minister in the Punjab Assembly.

Governor Punjab said that the election of the Chief Minister was not held in accordance with the constitution and law Voting of record in the election is tampered with.

According to the text of the report of the Governor of Punjab voting was conducted in a manner contrary to second schedule of the constitution. Second schedule was ignored in the voting. It is important to be satisfied with the process.

It was said that the resignation of Usman Bazdar is also controversial in which Article 130 sub-section eight of the constitution has been violated. The Governor’s Office has never received the resignation of Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bazdar.

Governor Punjab recommended that the election of the Chief Minister be declared null and void. The Governor Punjab requested the President to guide him constitutionally in the light of the facts and to suggest what steps he should take in this situation.