ISB EC has announced that the general elections in the country will be held on February 11.

Schedule for general elections in Pakistan. According to the details you mentioned.

The case related to conducting these elections in 90 days was heard by the Supreme Court, headed by the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

The Election Commission lawyer, Sujeel Swati, informed the court that the constituencies’ preparations would be completed by November 30, and they proposed holding the elections on February 11.

The Election Commission has assured the Supreme Court that all arrangements, including finalizing the constituencies, will be completed by January 29.

The final voter lists are expected to be ready by December 5, and if you count 54 days from that date, it leads to January 29, the proposed date for completing all preparations.

The lawyer representing the Election Commission mentioned that they considered the convenience of the people in scheduling the elections and identified two Sundays for this purpose. The first Sunday is on February 4, and the second Sunday is on February 11, which is the chosen date for the elections.

This information outlines the key details related to the timing and preparations for the general elections in Pakistan, as per the statements made by the Election Commission’s lawyer.