ICC Cricket World ODI is a prestigious cricket.

The ICC (International Cricket Council) has organized several World Cup tournaments for various formats of cricket. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here is a list of some of the ICC World Cup tournaments:

Men’s Cricket World Cup.

1975 – England
1979 – West Indies
1983 – India
1987 – India and Pakistan (co-hosts)
1992 – Australia and New Zealand (co-hosts)
1996 – Pakistan, India, and Sri Lanka (co-hosts)
1999 – England, Scotland, Ireland, Netherlands (co-hosts)
2003 – South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya (co-hosts)
2007 – West Indies
2011 – India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh (co-hosts)
2015 – Australia and New Zealand (co-hosts)
2019 – England and Wales
Women’s Cricket World Cup:
The Women’s Cricket World Cup started in 1973, but it wasn’t organized by the ICC until later years.

ICC T20 World Cup (Twenty20 International)

Men’s T20 World Cup:
1.2007 – South Africa
2.2009 – England
3.2010 – West Indies
4.2012 – Sri Lanka
5.2014 – Bangladesh
6.2016 – India
7.2020 – Australia (postponed to 8.2021 due to COVID-19)
9.2021 – United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Note that there may have been additional ICC tournaments held after my last knowledge update in September 2021, so I recommend checking the latest information to confirm any new tournaments or updates to existing ones.