Do you know when day and night will be equal?

You have often heard people say about the length of day and night in proverbs that sometimes the days are long and sometimes the nights are long because winter nights and summer days are long, but do you know that the length of day and night around the world? When will the duration be same, if not know then we tell you.

Our Earth tilts to one side in its orbit around the Sun, resulting in more or less sunlight and heat reaching our planet directly at certain times of the year.

According to scientific experts, every year between September 21 and 24, autumn begins in the northern hemisphere, while spring begins in the southern hemisphere. Before the equinox, the sun rises from the northeast, while after the equinox, it will rise from the southeast. .

Experts say that on the occasion of moderate kharif, since the sun is above the equator, the sunlight reaches almost everywhere in the world in the same amount. On this occasion, the length of day and night is also almost the same, i.e. 12 , is 12 hours.

Same thing happens in March, the day and night duration becomes same in March and September but in some places it doesn’t. This year, the moderate Kharif season will start today on September 23 (23 September at 11:49 PM Pakistan time).

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