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Corona virus transferred to ICU to British PM


Apr 6, 2020

London: The British Prime Minister suffering from the Corona virus worsened after he was transferred to the Intensive Care Ward (ICU).

According to a report by a foreign news agency, the British Prime Minister who was infected with the Corona virus has been transferred to the ICU on a deteriorating nature, while Boris Johnson is undergoing treatment at St Thomas’ Hospital in London.

The British Prime Minister has instructed that Foreign Minister Dominic Robb will take over my responsibilities until he takes over.

According to the report, during this afternoon Boris Johnson’s condition worsened and he was transferred to ICU on the advice of the medical team.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also a victim of the Corona virus

It should be noted that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had earlier said in a message in the name of the nation that the goddesses would come out of the house, the weather would be nice on weekends, but they would not try to get out because of the kronavirus.

He said one of the symptoms of Corona fever is still present in me, I will remain in isolation until the fever is ordered, strictly follow urban precautions.

The British Prime Minister expressed his grief over the rising deaths of the Corona virus in the country, saying that he was suffering from a large number of new cases of the Corona virus. We are with the victims and their families during this time of sorrow. ۔

It should be remembered that the British Prime Minister was suffering from the Karuna virus on March 27;


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