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(TB) vaccine A major evidence of the efficacy of BCG has emerged


Apr 7, 2020

According to details, the most important evidence regarding the BCG vaccine vaccine is that it can also provide protection against Corona virus, in many countries the vaccine has been linked to Corona mortality. Provided proof of the decline.

An Irish Medical Consultant teamed up with University of Houston, Texas-based specialist in epidemiology in the US state of Texas
A research
The results of the BCG vaccination program were seen in several countries, including Ireland. In countries where the TB vaccine program was administered, the Crohn’s virus cases were significantly lower than in other countries.

Corona virus outbreak, TB vaccine tested at doctors in Australia

According to the results of the study, the mortality rate in the BCG vaccine program was 20 times lower than in other countries, Ireland hospital researcher urologist Paul Hagerty told the media that the study was based on statistics. There are complexities, however this research is much more comprehensive than the research done in New York before.

Researchers reviewed cases during the outbreak to minimize the potential for error during the study, and comparative reviews were also conducted between countries, including a comparative review between Ireland and the UK. Researcher Paul Haggerty said he did not expect to make such a significant difference, in countries where BCG vaccination was done, the rate of coronary cases was 38 out of a million, in countries where TB vaccination was not done. There were 358 cases per million.

In countries with BCG programs, the Corona virus death rate was 4.28 out of a million, whereas in contrast countries were 40 out of a million.


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