Be careful not to do this search on Google.

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The Internet has become so popular these days that even the smallest thing, from any field, can be easily learned for free.

Of course we all use Google and now Google has become the largest search engine in the world where there is hardly any thing or content that does not appear after searching but sometimes we do not want to search such content. Which inadvertently causes us immense harm.
By the way, there is not one but many things that we should avoid looking for, but here we will tell you about the top five things that should be avoided as much as possible.

Symptoms of the disease

If you feel sick, don’t google the symptoms at all. Even if you do, don’t believe them with your eyes closed. If your diagnosis is wrong then you will also misuse the medicine and in every case it is not beneficial and sometimes it can be fatal so if you are sick then be sure to consult a doctor after getting guidance from Google.


Suppose you have a mild fever, cough or some rash on the body. You do not understand the cause and you do a Google search for the symptoms. Pairing will bother you.

Dangerous animal information.

Of course there are many dangerous and rare animals around the world, some of which will be present in your area. It will frighten you and affect the normal activities of your life.

your name

Avoid searching your name on Google because your old photos and information will appear in Google’s database which may not be more pleasant for you.