Twitter Blue subscription service will be introduced on December 12.

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The special thing this time is that the Twitter Blue subscription service is available for Apple users for 11 dollars (2473 Pakistani rupees) and 8 dollars (1798 Pakistani rupees) per month for web version users.

In the updated version of Twitter Blue, users will be able to edit their tweets, upload videos with 1080p resolution, and get verified blue checks on accounts.

This announcement was made by Twitter in a tweet, but it did not explain why Apple users will pay more fees for the subscription service than others.

According to some media reports, the reason for this is to avoid the loss caused by the 30 percent fee of the Apple App Store.

Blue Twitter users will be shown fewer ads while being able to post longer videos.

Twitter Blue was introduced in early November and under this subscription service, users could get a blue tick on their account by paying a monthly fee of $8.

After the introduction of the subscription plan, there was a flood of fake verified accounts in the names of well-known personalities and institutions, after which it was suspended.
After now a month it is being launched again.

On November 25, Elon Musk said in a tweet that 3 different colored check marks will be introduced for Twitter’s account verification system.

He said that gold tick will be used on the accounts of companies, on the accounts of government institutions, while blue tick will be used for individual accounts.

Elon Musk said that all accounts will be authenticated before activating the Verify checkmark.

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