Airoplain fuel keeps Airo plain stable.

man fueling plane near man

The fuel used in the ship is a blend of highly refined kerosene, which requires a temperature higher than 49 degrees Celsius to burn. It requires a much higher temperature to ignite which means it is more suitable in terms of safety.

The fuel of the plane is in its wings. If the ice freezes on the wings, the plane will not be able to fly. The fuel of the plane is circulating inside the wings because the engines of the plane are installed under the wings.

Fuel tanks are built inside the wings of the aircraft so that the engines stabilize the aircraft during take-off especially when they are fully loaded so that the weight of the aircraft is uniform throughout the flight. It is also better from a safety point of view that more space is available to build the cabin, the interior of the plane where the passengers are seated, because the fuel is moved away from the body of the plane and the passengers, and for the passengers during the flight. It becomes easier to walk like Guachi Gaan (The Lost Cow).

Another interesting thing about airplane fuel is that we buy potatoes and tomatoes by the kilo, just like the airlines fill the airplane with the fuel by the kilo.

This happens because the aircraft must have a certain weight to take off, which is measured in kilograms. And will not be able to fly, so all the weight is converted into kilograms so that the plane remains stable during flight.

The plane is filled with enough fuel that if it is not possible to reach the destination, the plane can be landed at the airport of a nearby city. can be taken down.

This additional fuel is called Contingency Fuel as the name suggests. Used for Sometimes if a plane fails to take off on time, the other plane has to stay in the air for some extra time waiting for landing, while that plane keeps circling the airport, which obviously requires extra time. Requirement for fuel is called a ‘hold’

Flights are also often delayed due to fog. Let me make one thing clear here that there is more fog on the airport runway than in the city. Flying kites but the plane needs a specific point to land on the runway which is available later than the city.

(Written by Khawar Jamal)

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