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The great story of an anonymous Pakistan Air Force legend pilot.

NAK pilot

This is the story of a legendary Pakistani bomber pilot who became a hero but to this day no one knows his name and this hero is buried in obscurity in history.
Pakistan india war broke out, Pakistani B-57 bombers attacked Indian airports in the dark of night.
Bombers are usually very heavy and they do not show much agility to avoid enemy artillery and planes so their attacks would be in the dark of night and these planes would fly off the radar near the ground. Reach your goal.
Upon reaching the target, the pilot immediately pulls the plane up, dives into the target and drops all his bombs in a single attack.
Go out of range of the enemy’s cannons before they become alert.

Pakistani B-57s carried eight 500-pound bombs and followed the same pattern, dropping eight bombs in a single attack, but in such an attack it was not necessary for all the bombs to fall on the target. If only two bombs had hit the same target.

But the Indians were not surprised when on the first night of the war, a lone B-57 aircraft attacked Adampur Air Base, but the plane and its pilot were no ordinary pilots. The plane first plunged and dropped only one bomb. The first reaction of the Indians was that the rest of the bombs did not fall due to any defect but they were shocked when the bomber turned around again. He dived again and aimed another bomb at another target. The bomber struck shortly after noon in the air, but the bomber’s pilot was in no hurry to risk his life. The main target was destroyed so its accuracy was 100%. The bomber was shot dead by Indians at 8 p.m.
8 pass Charlie).

Throughout the war, Charlie Attack kept attacking different bases. He always came alone and with the first bomb he openly challenged the Indians that I have seven more rounds to do. The pilot’s skill was so strong that no anti-aircraft gun could ever touch him.
At Pass Charlie used to do a strange thing to deceive the enemy.
plane was not visible in the dark night, the enemy artillery would hear the sound of the plane and guess from which direction the plane was coming to disturb the artillery. While diving for, Charlie would turn off the engine of his plane, although this would make it very difficult to handle, but the Indian artillery would know the plane when it dropped the bomb and then turn on the engine. In the blink of an eye, they would go out of range. These are the words of an Indian pilot Earl Paddy’s eight-pass Charlie. I have the utmost respect for this Pakistani bomber pilot who ruined the peace of our lives. Loved to do
Eight Pass Charlie was a legendary pilot, but he had a bad habit of reaching his destination exactly 30 minutes after the moon rose just as we were finishing our first jam. He was a highly professional pilot.
To hide the direction of his attack, he would shut down the engine before diving, and by the time the artillery opened fire, it would have come down from the canopy of exploding shells, and after dropping the bomb, it would have turned the engine to full power and fired a range of bullets. He would have gone out, but the pilot, nicknamed “Eight Pass Charlie” by his enemies, never appeared.
The veteran was Najib A. Khan, Squadron Leader of The Bandits Squadron No. 7 of the Pakistan Air Force.

The strong are not always strong

  1. Fight for society
  2. If you can’t fight, write
  3. If you can’t write, say so
  4. If you can’t speak, join
    You can’t even support them. If they are writing and fighting, then help them
    Even if you can’t help it, don’t let their spirits drop because they are fighting for your part.
    Long live the Pakistan Air Force.
    Long live the Pak Army!
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