A woman’s emotions are like glass, they can be shattered by the slightest hurt.

woman wearing wedding gown white holding bouquet

For a man, marriage is not only a Sunnah of Prophethood or a means of procreation but also a responsibility with peace of mind. What are your responsibilities?

The girl who left her home, family, friends and city for you, are you able to give her Sikh comfort and respect or just sign the marriage certificate.

There are many families where women are treated as spouses, but there is no dearth of families where the wife is considered a mere robot, her opinions, likes and dislikes are not taken into consideration.

A woman’s feelings are like glass, they can be shattered by a slight hurt. Now it is the responsibility of the man how he handles this situation. I see that many husbands do all kinds of entertainment themselves. They go out for walks and spending time with friends but never take their wives along.

They are burdened with responsibilities related to home and children to such an extent that they forget themselves, tie their desires to their emotions, and they become victims of poor psychological problems.

How many husbands here know what their spouse’s favorite color is, what she likes to eat, what fragrance she likes, and what weather she likes.
I do not believe that a woman does not have a sense of beauty or romance, it all depends on a man how he treats his wife. I have said many times before that as a husband, take care of your wife Respect her, give her Sikh and comfort, make a place in her heart through care, not command and order, pay attention to what she wants, how she can be happy.

Understand the psychology of a woman and then treat her in this way. Make your home in her heart through love, sincerity and desire.

She has just walked with you on the two words of marriage. For a man, nothing changes, but for a woman, the family, environment, people, customs and lifestyle change.
In this whole process she needs the strong support of a man. Well-rounded and wise men always respect their wives. They take care of Sikhs unconditionally. Look, you will see a completely pleasant change in the environment. It is not necessary that the initiative is always from the woman.

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