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Pakistan’s rising temperature.


Remember, if we can’t stand this heat today, then ten years later, our children will die in our own hands from global warming.
The only solution is tree planting.
Mango, Jaman, Lychee and False etc. The season is at its peak at this time. In this regard, I request you to please do not throw the seeds and seeds of these fruits in the trash after eating the fruit but wash them and put them in your car etc. Keep it and whenever you pass by a place where there are no trees, etc., throw the seeds and pods there or in places along the highways.
After a few days, the rainy season will show its color and these seeds you have thrown away
More and more will grow and become trees by the grace of God.
Trees are not only a charity but also the biggest need of Pakistan and the world at this time.

This small action of ours will be the first drop to make Pakistan a green Pakistan. And it is an investment that will benefit future generations and we will be rewarded in the Hereafter.
Thanks for your time.

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