World international Democracy Day.

International Democracy day 15 September.

International Democracy Day is being observed all over the world, including Pakistan, to strengthen democratic institutions.
The purpose of celebrating this day is to remove the obstacles that stand in the way of democracy at the global level as well as to take steps to address the elements that are a serious obstacle to the growth of democracy.

Supporting new democracies at the international level and taking steps to promote democracy at the governmental level between countries are also among the objectives of the day.
The Inter-Parliamentary Union celebrates September 15 each year around the world.
The celebration of this day started in 2008. The United Nations General Assembly, in its 62nd session in 2007, adopted a resolution to commemorate this day every year.

On the occasion of this day, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said in his message that as the world struggles to recover from the catastrophic 19 and its catastrophic consequences, we must learn from the past 18 months to face future crises. Democratic flexibility must be maintained while learning
Him said that this means identifying and developing good governance practices in emergencies, whether public health, environmental or financial.
But in all democracies, including Pakistan, a commitment is being made to promote people’s rule.

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