We has decided to resign from all assemblies Ex PM imran khan.

Addressing a public meeting in Rawalpindi, former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that it has been decided to dissolve all provincial assemblies.

He said that he will announce the date after consulting the parliamentary party.

Imran Khan said that if the march had not been cancelled, there would have been a disaster the next day, that’s why it has been decided that it is better not to be a part of this system than to cause destruction in the country.

They don’t want chaos in the country, they believe in peaceful protests, immediate elections are essential to save the country’s economy, when the economy is destroyed, national security is also affected.

Earlier while addressing the rally, the former prime minister said that the fear of death makes a big man a small person. Was me a conspiracy to kill.

He revealed that those three criminals are still sitting in big positions.

Imran Khan said that I was told that he will plot again, but Allah has clearly said that life and death are in His hands. If Allah has written death, then no one can escape death no matter where he goes.

Imran Khan said that Allah gave me life, 12 people were shot on the container, one guard got six shots and he also survived because Allah did not write death.

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