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US: Zoo lion’s corona test also came out positive


Apr 7, 2020

WASHINGTON: US animals also begin to suffer from the Corona virus, a New York Bronx Zoo test positive for a lion’s Corona test.

The Corona virus has targeted humans around the world and has swallowed more than 69,000 lives so far, while the number of victims has crossed 1.2 million, but now the deadly virus has made the animals their prey. Has started

Zoo animals have also been infected with the Corona virus in New York’s most affected state, according to a foreign news report.

The zoo administration says the lion’s corona test, which came out positive, said the deadly virus had transmitted from a lion-caring person.

According to the administration, four cats and three lions had a dry cough on the last day, after which their family was tested, out of which a lion test came out positive.

The Wildlife Department said that people affected by the Corona virus should stay away from pets so that animals can be affected by this deadly virus.

The Corona virus in the United States devours 1165 lives a day

It is believed that in the United States, Krona is the leader in the virus affected countries, the US has exceeded 3 million 10 thousand patients while the state New York is the most affected where the number of patients has exceeded 1 million.


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