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Washington: Corona virus outbreaks continue in the United States, killing 1255 people in 24 hours.


Apr 7, 2020

According to details Corona virus has caused destruction in the United States, the deadly virus swallowed another 1255 lives in just one day, after which the total number of virus deaths in the United States has reached 10,871. More than three and a half million people have been affected by it. The death toll from deadly virus in the United States has exceeded that of China.
US President Trump did not refrain from criticizing his opponents even in this difficult time, saying that the governors of several states were doing politics on the issue of ventilators.

These renters also said that I will not waste trillions of dollars in the Middle East. President Trump has called for troops to deal with the Corona virus Last week, President Trump expressed concern over the situation in Corona.

It should be noted that the Corona virus deaths in the world have not been stopped, the number of Corona virus deaths has exceeded 74 thousand in over 200 countries. The number of affected people in different countries of the world has also not decreased. Overall, the number of Corona virus patients worldwide has exceeded 13,46,000.


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