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The US based food and Drug (FDA) has registered a Pakistani Plasma research report


Apr 19, 2020
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 According to the report, Pakistan has received another award from the National Institute of Blood Disease (NIBD) Medical Research in the United States. The FDA has also approved passive immunization of NIBD. Registered.

In this regard, NIBD chief Dr Tahir Shamsi told News that NIBD had sent FDA for plasma technique registration FDA has registered clinical trial protocol for plasma treatment plasma technique. The protocol also informed the World Health Organization.

Treatment of coronary patients Dr Tahir Shamsi delivered a very good news

He said that the approval of the global and country-affiliated institutions before applying any technique to the patients is the medical code of conduct. The approval of domestic and international institutions is followed by the use of techniques on human beings. ۔

Dr. Tahir Shamsi also said that we have completed our research on plasma taken from healthy people of Karuna and did not find the Karuna virus in the plasma of healthy patients in Sindh. It is to be remembered that the Sindh government has allowed the treatment of plasma techniques in such a way that patients will be treated in all four provinces. ۔


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