KARACHI Pakistan stock Exchange is seeing tremendous momentum

According to details, the interbank market is selling at Rs 3 for 38 paise and after selling 16 paise for 50 paise. In 10 days, $ 4 in interbank was down 32 paise to 163.57.

On the other hand, the index was at 31329 when the market opened on the Pakistan Stock Exchange and recorded an increase of over 1,000 points in the first hour.

The stock market saw an upward trend following the opening of the stock market, causing the index to rise slowly and cross the psychological threshold of 32,000 points.

The index was up 4.93% at 1544.86 by the end of the latest news from the stock market. At the time of filing the news, 31,329.46 shares were traded, valued at 3,583,257,769 Pakistani rupees.