The state is like Canada.

Rulers are those who defend the life, property, honor and dignity of their citizens
We as Pakistani Prime Minister appreciate Justin Trudeau from the heart.
After India, the largest Sikh population is in Canada, which is about 18 million. Most of the leaders of the Khalistan Movement are living in Canada, but Canada is committed to protecting the lives and property of its citizens and democratic values. India has always extradited many leaders or Pressure was put on Canada to stop their activities, but the state flatly refused to impose any restrictions on its citizens.

About three months ago, the news came that Hardeep Singh, the main leader of the Khalistan movement, was shot by two masked men in the western province of British Columbia, Canada.

Canada suspected that India was involved in this and it was done through Indian diplomats, so it was thought to extend the scope of the investigation to India. The meeting became bitter because of India’s refusal, Canada immediately stopped working on a bilateral free trade agreement.

Canada expelled the top Indian diplomat Pawan Kumar Rai the day before. The Prime Minister said in his speech in Parliament that the involvement of a foreign government in the killing of a Canadian citizen on Canadian soil is an unacceptable violation of our sovereignty. It is also a violation of the basic principles of free, open and democratic societies.

Canada has also announced to recall its diplomat from India, in addition to this, Trudeau called the American and British counterparts and started to unite other leaders against India, the death of one of its citizens and compromising on his security and dignity. By not doing so, Canada has directly removed itself from a country with a global market and influence like India so that tomorrow no one would dare to raise a finger against a Canadian citizen or use their land as a state. There is a mother.

There is a lesson for Pakistani rulers, Pakistanis sell their own mothers for a few dollars.

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