The PM imran khan says the villagers are making the segment a part of the Billion Tree Project

According to details, Prime Minister Imran Khan in his message on social networking website Twitter said that the day-to-day people are losing wages in the situation arising from Karuna.

The Prime Minister said that the government has decided to provide day-to-day jobs to the Billion Tree Project. The move will have a positive impact on both the living and the land at the same time. Every creative step in the current situation matters.

It is time for Karuna and Pakistan is exploring new avenues. Of the tree-bearers whose jobs have been affected, our government is embarking on the installation of 10 billion trees in a big way that will not only change lives but also have a positive impact on the planet. Every step is important.
State Bank announces business concessions

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that State Bank of India has announced concessions for the business community, which is aimed at protecting the public during the targeted lockdown.

The Prime Minister said that State Bank’s move will help keep the economy afloat.

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