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The number of Corona virus patients in pakistan has exceeded


Apr 11, 2020
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According to the National Command and Control Center, the total number of deaths from Corona virus in Pakistan has increased to 86 while the number of victims has reached 5011 after new cases emerge.

The National Command Center says 86 deaths due to Corona are worrisome, while the number of Corona virus patients has increased to 762.

According to the National Command and Control Center, 223 Corona cases have been reported in Pakistan in the last 24 hours.
 There have been 14 fatalities across the country in the last 24 hours from Corona.

The Command and Control Center says that 2,045 tests were done in 24 hours across the country. So far in Pakistan, 57,836 korona tests have been conducted.

From the first case on February 26, 2007, there were 2007 cases in Pakistan from March 1 to 31, but from April 1 till now, these cases have seen a sharp increase, from April 1 till now. Over 1600 cases have been recorded in Pakistan.


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