Under the sense program distribution of Rs 13.18 billion across the country was completed in two days

As per the details, billions of rupees 1.098 million have been given to deserving families under the Sense program. The distribution of money will continue tomorrow.

Meanwhile, action was taken on complaints of corruption by the people.
40 people have been prosecuted for corruption. 34 FIR commanders and corrupt device operators arrested.

Corrupt elements were illegally deducting from Rs 500 to Rs 1000. The toughest action is being taken against corrupt elements. If a device operator calls for a deduction, notify the relevant authority.

Sense Program: Relief case reduction, Sindh government’s notice

It is clear that the news about the cut in aid to the deserving ones was broadcast, 4 accused, including 2 unidentified, have been named in the case registered on the direction of the SSP.

Meanwhile, provincial education minister Saeed Ghani said that Sindh government has nothing to do with the distribution of people. Ghotki Badin and Omar Kot arrested and cases have been registered. We also received complaints about money laundering. Is.