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China defeated the Corona virus with the use of dried apricots and raisins


Apr 12, 2020
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China almost got rid of the Corona virus, and now Wuhan, the most affected city, has also been reopened after 76 days, where normal life has been restored.

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Chinese Ministry of Health spokesmen have made it clear that they overcome the epidemic by simply shutting down.

According to details, China began importing dried apricots from Turkey after the outbreak of Corona, which has increased Turkey’s exports by 125% to $ 45 million from $ 2 million.

Significantly, the export of dry asparagus was underway in August to September and November, however, when the cases of Corona began to appear in December, exports increased by 125%.

From August 2019 to March 30, 2020, the export of 76 thousand tonnes of apricot yielded $ 197 million, according to Burel Jelip, head of the union, which exports dried apricots, and other fruits.

He said that the use of dried fruits such as raisins dry apricots and figs boost the immune system, which led to a large order from China and we sent goods.

After China, 105 countries around the world have started ordering export of asparagus, US $ 26 million was exported to Germany, 18 to Germany and $ 17 million to France.


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