The nation is currently suffering from a strange dilemma.

Current Pakistan cannot be the Pakistan of Quaid-i-Azam. There is merit in our country and all institutions.

Everyone wants the development of the patriotic Pakistani country, everyone is united on the supremacy of the constitution and the independence of the judiciary.

We have also eaten the money of our next four generations. For several weeks, there has been a big crack in the judiciary. This crack has been put by the thirteen parties in the government. The order to hold elections in 90 days of Pakistan has been thrown into the trash and by creating a rift in the judiciary, the current government is pushing the country towards martial law.

Now the situation has become such that by looking at the formation of the bench, you can understand what the decision will be. This at time, two groups have formed in the judiciary. Adds Political parties are at with other each All the major businesses of the country have been destroyed. big Inflation bombs are being dropped on the people every day. The crisis of electricity, gas and water is intensifying. Terrorism, looting, extortion, killing and killing have reached their extreme in the country. The contractors are not concerned about the protection of life and property of the people.

The contractors of the so-called democracy sitting in the houses are only worried about prolonging their power. They are worried about sending the country’s money out of the power and money of 23 million people to make their privileges, salaries, money, wealth, and property. The champions of democracy have nothing to do with the basic needs of the 23 crore people of the country’s law and constitution.

Will the supremacy of the constitution be followed in this country, not whether there will be elections in 90 days or not, this issue has been confused in the formation of the bench. Says constitution elections should be held within 90 days. By passing an unconstitutional and illegal bill from the parliament standing on two crutches, they have messed up badly with the judiciary.

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