Rulers, pack your luggage, the car is about to miss, Sheikh Rashid.

The entire nation is standing with the judiciary, big news can come after Eid, caretaker governments are over, provincial elections will be held on May 14.

In his tweet, Sheikh Rasheed said that the government can come under the radar of incompetence and lack of confidence in contempt of court and Article 6. The flag is raised, the judiciary will win.

The former interior minister said that after Nawaz Sharif’s phone call, Fazlur Rehman held a conference on violence and terrorism, the use of the temple’s hammer, the tip of a gun and the words of the Gang of Three politicians is not a negotiation but an open war with the judiciary, Government Chamber. Inside and in court, Tarzan is made up and hugged in front of the media.

He further said that the father calls the Supreme Court as the tip of the gun, the Supreme Court has bound everyone in its decision. They want political stability in Pakistan.

The head of Awami Muslim League said that the friendly countries of Pakistan want political stability in Pakistan, the IMF caste level agreement has fallen into disrepair, the aid of Saudi Arabia, UAE and the American assurances have not worked. China’s instructions and advice should not be ignored.

To prolong the incompetent government, the country is being thrown into the quagmire of isolation. Constitution disobeying and the law comes under the category of treason.

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