About 200 people were killed in the fighting between the army and paramilitary forces in Sudan.

1800 people have been injured, hospitals have been severely damaged and medical supplies and food are in short supply as a result of the 3-day war.

According to the international news organization, the United Nations has demanded an immediate ceasefire in this area and international organizations including the European Union have also expressed serious concern in this regard.

A week-long power struggle between the forces of the two generals who established a military government after a coup in 2021 turned violent on Saturday. Hamdan is between Daglu.

The fighting between the two forces in Khartoum began when Burhan and Deglu clashed over plans to integrate the RSF into the army.

Earlier, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres once again demanded an immediate end to hostilities from both sides, warning that further tensions could be disastrous for the country and the region.

Medical experts in Sudan have confirmed the death toll of about 100 civilians and dozens of fighters on both sides, but the death toll is believed to be much higher because many of the wounded are unable to reach hospitals.