The fastest jet fighter of the American X-15.

Currently, the world’s fastest warplane is the X-15, which was designed by the United States. It is considered the fastest warplane. Its speed is 7200 kilometers per hour. Experts say that the “X-15” aircraft cannot be controlled by a normal pilot because this aircraft is very powerful. If you fly from Peshawar through “PIA”. Arriving there, but if you want to go by “X-15” plane, you will be in Dubai within about 13 minutes.

From this, you can imagine how fast it will be. The most important thing about this ship is that this ship can make a circle around the earth in six hours.

Since this ship can’t get escape velocity, it can’t leave the “Earth”. Different stars can see planetary clusters and superclusters but cannot move around in them. Why not apply power because the closest star to the earth after the sun is located at a distance of four light years and it is impossible for us to reach this distance.

Since we cannot move around in the universe, we are confined within a small point of the universe. The largest single entity identified in the universe is a supercluster of galaxies called the Hercules Corona Borealis Great Wall. It is so wide that light takes about ten billion years to travel through its entire structure, and if How long will it take for the aforementioned X-15 aircraft of the United States to cross this wall?

That number is beyond the range of mobiles and calculators because this distance even the fastest object like light travels in 1000 million years, so it is foolish to even think about such a thing for a ship because it is a huge part of the universe and The most surprising thing about this is that the said supercluster is about 13.8 billion years old.

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