One point their agenda is to prevent Imran Khan from coming to power.

Addressing PTI’s real freedom rally in Lahore, Imran Khan said that until there is rule of law in Pakistan, humiliation will remain in our lives.

EC is saying that we don’t have money now, so where will the money come from in October?

He said that he is trying to run away from the election, if he has to break the constitution, then break the constitution, but somehow Imran Khan should not come to power after winning the election, this is his one point agenda.

According to him, we have approached the Supreme Court on the issue of elections, the people of Pakistan now have to stand with the Supreme Court.

In his address, the former prime minister said that those who are stripping our people should be shown to a psychologist.

He claimed that what is happening in Pakistan today has never happened before, two thousand of our people have been taken away.

The rally was organized at Minar Pakistan where thousands of workers and supporters of PTI participated and a large number of women and children were also present in the rally hall.

Before Imran Khan’s address, mobile phone service has been stopped around Minar Pakistan, while unannounced loadshedding is being done in several areas.

As part of the security measures, an iron grill was placed on Imran Khan’s car. A large number of workers remained with Imran Khan’s car. Khan reached Pakistan through Ring Road.

Since this morning, the routes of Minar Pakistan were closed by placing containers. Families, elderly and children were all involved in the Minar Pakistan rally.
Challenging the Non-League, he said that the Non-League says that two thousand people have come, try the election crawls and see, two thousand people are around me.

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