Saudi citizen of told Valuable Stunning secret of his health.

white and pink floral ceramic cup with spilled milk

According to the report of the international news agency, the Saudi citizen said in this regard that the secret of my health is open air and drinking camel milk.

The elderly citizen further said that his parents are also alive, father’s age is around 132 years while other brothers and sisters are also living their lives on very simple principles.

The Saudi citizen said that we do not use any kind of artificial food, while fast food and hotel food are completely avoided.

In his video message, he advised the youth to stay away from fast food and soft drinks so that they can enjoy a healthy life.

An easy way to avoid chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes?

The elderly citizen further said that neither his parents nor any family members have diabetes nor are they suffering from blood pressure disease.

Walking in the open air and consuming camel’s milk, honey and country ghee are daily routines.