The miracles of the little cardamom.

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Once I asked them why do you have cardamom at all times?
Mouth cancer from smoking
Saying that I went to Egypt and was sitting at Cairo Airport. A hotel management had our package that they had to take me and it was late to come to the taxi. An Egyptian came with me and sat down as soon as he sat down. What was the hand of smiles and was very happy. I asked him why you gave me a small cardamom.

So he told me very confidently in his Egyptian Arabic, the little cardamom keeps the mouth fragrant. The gum disease does not come to a close. The blood contained in his mouth, his teeth have bleeding. There are old blisters in his mouth. Wounds are over. Even when I said, I once told the bad news that symptoms of cancer are occurring inside your mouth and quit the cigarette immediately and some part of the tongue was frightened by the surgery.

What did I think in my heart I took the best cardamases and they kept chewing in their mouths from time to time from time to time I did this for a few months.
I quit the cigarette immediately and I forgot that I had some trouble, but I started to feel 100 % healthy.

Mouth Cancer Ends Once Way
As I passed, I went to this doctor again, he checked and, after checking, I was silent on seeing me with surprise and then said that according to my previous diagnosis, cancer had roots in your mouth and the effects of cancer were increasing. At this time there is no cancer and no cancer symptoms. Where did you get treatment and how you treated I immediately understood it and my heart turned to the cardiovascular cardamom. I told him that I continued for a few months. Using the little cardamom I just put in the pocket and chew the little cardamom. He listened to me.

Immediately he was turned to his computer and looked at the computer for a while. Then he looked at me and said with a smile. You came out of the scientist. How did you find this tip?

He said I immediately resorted to the Internet and the cardamom that was in the world, which was researched in the world, took a brief look at every research Treatment of tongue cancer is cardamom strengthens the brain’s bright look and strengthens a person who uses cardamom never falls and never becomes old
In generations, sons want more cardamom.

He was speaking to the doctor and I was surprised to say that the benefits of it are that the person who uses the cardamom will be more sons in his generations and his stomach and hemorrhoid disease will always be safe. The Egyptian was speaking and I was listening to the cardamom all his life and the cardamom was closely examined all his life, but it was a surprise to me to see the cardamom in this way. I was just waiting for the Egyptian.

Just now I have cardamom in the mouth
It was a little talk. My car came to pick me up. So I started liking it for others and ever since I started giving people cardamom my friends increased and people are telling the benefits of it. Sir, he had lost his memory. He used to keep his work in the mouth all day long. Now the world is remembering that he also remembers the forgetful things of childhood and he himself says that cardamom gave me a new life. Give a new fitness and I am living a very perfect and healthy life using cardamom.

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