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See What Happening in pakistan politics

Islamabad oil may be more expensive now Prime Minister Imran Khan.


Nov 16, 2021 ,

Addressing the groundbreaking ceremony of Jhelum Road Carriageway, the Prime Minister said that the country does not develop by thinking about the coming elections. The secret of China’s development is long term planning. Modern Technology is being used all over the world. No, the opposition is afraid of technology. I wonder why the opposition does not use technology.

Why is the opposition against the use of modern technology for voting? The present government took over the country in bad conditions.

He said that in view of the growing population, agricultural production has to be increased.

The present government has repaid most of the debt. The population is growing. The country needs water. After 50 years, three big dams are being built in the country. We will build 10 more dams in the next ten years. We need a long term policy in the country. Repaid the most loans.

Imran Khan said that according to the World Bank, poverty has been reduced in Pakistan is a wave of inflation all over the world. Inflation is only for winter. Everything including oil has become expensive. Poverty occurs where money is stolen and goes abroad. In the coming days, they are bringing huge package. The government has made difficult decisions on difficult metro. The nation does not develop by investing billions of rupees.

Regarding environmental pollution, he said that pollution in Lahore has increased to a dangerous level due to deforestation. Twind and a half billion trees have been planted. Target is to plant 10 billion trees. Deforestation, National Parks Not Created The world does not appreciate previous governments The British Prime Minister gives the example of Pakistan at the Climate Change Summit which was being mocked by the opposition.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that 645 km roads were constructed during PML-N era while 1750 km roads were constructed during three years of PTI (PTI). There were thousands of tenders while in our 3 year period there have been tenders for 3 thousand 238 km.


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