The number of Corona virus patients in pakistan has increased 1022

According to details, Assistant Special Health Officer Dr. Zafar Mirza said at a news conference that the number of Corona virus patients in Pakistan has increased to 1022, so far 21 patients have recovered and 8 patients have died.

He said that 64 percent of men and 26 percent of women in Corona are women in the country. Currently 5 patients in the country are worried, most patients are between 25 and 40 years.

He said that there was a meeting of parliamentary leaders chaired by the Speaker of the National Assembly in which all the leaders agreed that the country should be cleansed of Karuna. Have to fight together.
Zafar Mirza said that a flight came from Doha last night and tests of 148 passengers were done, it is good to say that all tests have come in negative.

He said that a meeting of the National Coordination Committee is being chaired by the Prime Minister tomorrow. The decisions of the National Security Committee will be reviewed in the meeting.

Assistant Special Health Minister said that today we have received 5 million N95 masks from China, March 27 will be brought to Pakistan, including personal protection, about 12 tonnes of medical equipment will reach Pakistan.

Zafar Mirza said that every day, I have to take precautionary measures to prevent this disease. Do not leave the house without needing to go out only for basic necessity.