Islamabad National Institute of Health has directed preventive measures in view of the spread of influenza virus in winter.

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The National Institute of Health has issued an emergency directive to the provinces regarding seasonal influenza, in which it has been asked that the provincial health departments should take preventive measures against influenza.

NIH says that every year new types of flu virus are being reported in the world. Hundreds of influenza cases are reported in Pakistan during winter.

In the post, it is said that flu cases increase due to the decrease in temperature from December to February, the increase in influenza cases increases the hospital admission rate and the deaths of children and the elderly are reported in the country due to influenza.

Last year, 29 thousand 424 suspected and 985 positive cases of influenza were reported.

In the post, it was said that children between 6 months and 6 years of age get seasonal influenza easily, and people suffering from chronic respiratory diseases may have complications from influenza.

NIH said that if timely measures are not taken, influenza can become an epidemic situation.

Be careful when interacting with people suffering from cold and fever. After meeting sick people, do not touch your hands, mouth, eyes, and wash your hands with soap after every meeting.

The National Institute of Health said that it is possible to prevent the spread of influenza by being careful in intercourse. The influenza patient should be given the vaccine recommended by WHO. Pregnant women, children, and weak people should be vaccinated against influenza.

If timely diagnosis and treatment are not available, influenza can become a complication. Influenza can be fatal for people with respiratory, heart, diabetes, asthma, pregnant women, and people with weak immune systems.

The virus can be spread by coughing and sneezing of people suffering from influenza. The duration and complications of influenza can be reduced with antivirals. People suffering from influenza can use masks.

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