Lahore Imran Khan announced to resume long march from Wazirabad on Tuesday.

Imran Khan has announced in the press conference that my march will start again from where I got shot.

He said that we have decided that the march will start from Wazirabad from Tuesday. Our long march will reach Pindi in 10 to 15 days. I will come to Pindi myself.

Imran Khan said that it has been 3 days and the Punjab government is also ours, yet we have not registered the FIR. The former prime minister is saying that 3 people are involved. There should be an investigation which will reveal everything. How can it be that our own police is prohibiting me. will

He said that Shahbaz Sharif has spoken about the Judicial Commission, I welcome him, I want a clean and transparent investigation in this country. It should be known who conducts press conference with Maryam Safdar Maryam Aurangzeb and Javed Latif?

And I come to know that they want to kill me like Salman Taseer.

When this incident happens to me, let’s see what happens after that. Who were the people who react immediately? Immediately statements started coming that Imran has insulted religion. But the first tweet comes from Waqar Sati at 6:20 PM, Hamid Mir’s tweet comes at 6:30 PM, Geo News’s tweet comes at 6:00 PM, Sama News also tweets at 6:00 PM.

The interview of the shooter is leaked immediately. When IG Punjab is asked, he says that the video was hacked. Then who is doing the cover up?

Imran Khan said that fear has been created in Pakistan, we all have to eliminate fear and tell them that we are human beings and not sheep.

Imran Khan said that I want the Judicial Commission to first investigate the Arshad Sharif case and find out why Arshad Sharif was forced to leave the country. He told many people who are involved, including Arshad Sharif’s mother and other journalists. It was known that Arshad Sharif was in danger.

Addressing the Chief Justice of Pakistan regarding the video of Swati and his wife, he said that this is a very important case and the worst act in the history of the country. They are covering up the case, they are saying that it is a fake video, but the video is not fake, the video with Azam Swati is real.

He said that Azam Swati called at night and said that he will sit outside the Supreme Court, he will demand that justice be provided to him, PTI senators and lawyers will sit outside the Supreme Court with Azam Swati.

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