It was known that I would be attacked in Wazirabad or Gujranwala.

Talking to the media in Shaukat Khanum, Imran Khan said that 6 months ago, an American undersecretary called the Pakistani ambassador and threatened him. After the threat of the American Under-Secretary, Pakistan will be pardoned if it is removed in the no-confidence motion.

Imran Khan said that we had the resources of the government, we could have bought people. So people came out on the streets, which surprised me. After distributing sweets, people recorded a protest against them. When Musharraf removed his government, people distributed sweets. People were tired of his corruption, that’s why they distributed sweets. Why Musharraf makes a deal with them and they come again and loot for 10 years. Am did not become the Prime Minister like Nawaz Sharif.

They were thinking that PTI will end. They were thinking that PTI is a mummy-daddy party. The people reacted strongly and came out on the streets, due to which they were afraid. By-elections came in Punjab in which a large number of people participated. I was his government, government resources were used, the Election Commission was in collusion with him in the Punjab by-elections, the Election Commission opposed EVMs because it was a way to stop rigging, PTI sweeps all the dings in the Punjab by-elections. remain.

Regarding the attack, Imran Khan said that I knew their plan, that’s why I had made another plan. We announced the long march and had made all our preparations. If there is, no one can stop it, so many people will come to Islamabad that never in the history of the country have so many people come out. Corrupt and criminal minded people always have fear and fear. Corrupt people go to extremes to save their corruption. There are those who planned to kill me. They saw that the number of people was increasing, so they planned to kill me.

He said that when the container was fired upon, a bullet hit my leg and I fell. One attacker fired from the side and the other attacker fired from the front. When I fell down, the bullets passed over me, I think. who was the front assailant when i fell down he thought i was dead one person caught he is not actually a fanatic there is a whole plan behind him the assailant is caught i could have escaped his firing original plan front assailant was of

He said that I also salute Ibtisam because because of his bravery the attacker failed. There are charges against 3 people including Shahbaz Sharif Ranathnaullah. How will the FIR be filed? Don’t treat us like animals.

He said that an attempt has been made to kill the head of the largest party of Pakistan. I will free the people of Sindh from the Zardari mafia. The people of Sindh have been enslaved by the Zardari mafia. I also challenge Nawaz Sharif to contest any seat in the country. I have seen the whole world, I have seen the supremacy of law in developing countries. In other countries, the law is equal for all, people get justice.

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