Is like a captain.

Amir Liaquat was a water bubble. He could not bear the betrayal of a sacred relationship like his wife. Dania made public some special moments between the husband and wife.
False accusations of slander Dania taking khula and a few days
Social media attack kills Amir Liaquat.

Peace be upon Imran Khan’s patience. Everything was done against him. Not even a tenth of it happened to Aamir. The house was broken into. The children were separated. The winning wife from whom the mafia paid money and wrote a shameful book against Imran Khan.

Khan has also been accused of slander and poisonous propaganda. Fake audios. Nothing has been done. But he is enduring everything. I am wondering for whom he is enduring. I also thought exactly what has not happened with Imran Khan for thirty years. This is the difference between our captain’s determination and leadership.

This is the difference between coal and diamond
Is like a captain
So come on.